iNEVation Station


Summer Opera Camp

With the launch of SCO’s Fourth Annual Summer Opera Camp, The company brings the love of opera to the next generation. These 3-week intensives bring together 12-to-25-year-old students with no audition requirement. Instruction includes the history of opera, types of opera and composers, theatre etiquette, stage direction, vocal and movement instruction, and how to work in ensembles. The camp culminates in free concerts on the stages of Thurman White Arts Academy and Nevada Ballet Theatre Acedemy/Summerlin Library.


“OperAccessible” Program

Sin City Opera pioneered the first “sensory adaptive” educational program in Nevada in 2017, with the support of the Nevada Arts Council. This program was created to bring opera to students who are mentally and physically disadvantaged from preschool to high school. The program reached three schools in its inaugural year, and will perform this season at Palo Verde High School, Western High school, Derfelt Elementary School and East Las Vegas Community Center. Titled ”What is Opera”this 30-minute program comes with teaching materials, a coloring handout, and a question-and-answer session with the artists.

Opera Time & Opera By The Book


In-School, library, recreation center program & performance.

45 minute presentation (K-12).

The Science of Opera


In-School, library, recreation center program & performance. Focused on STEM integration with the arts.

45 minute presentation (4-12 grade).



This 20 – 30 minute introduction to opera is a pop-up concert during lunch time.  The concept is to thrill, delight, and surprise students with an immersive program that breaks-down the "stuffiness" factor of opera (K-12).